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Elena Maijala


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Finnish Painters' Union

Founded in 1929, Finnish Painters' Union is a nation-wide organisation of professional painters. It promotes visual arts and the professional and social interests of artists and provides its members with various services, such as guidance in matters related to taxation and benefits. Members regularly receive newsletters covering topical issues. The Union also serves as an expert body for authorities.


Artists´ Association of Finland

The Artists´ Association of Finland promotes the interest of 2,800 professional visual artists.


Helsinki Artists´ Association and The Artotheque

The Artotheque displays works of art by the members of the Helsinki Artists´ Association, which is comprised of over 700 notable professional artists. The selection of art works includes 3000 paintings, drawings, graphic art, sculptures and photographs. The works may be rented by paying a monthly fee 20-200€ determined by the price of the work. Once the full price has been paid, ownership of the work transfers to the holder.

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